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Well, how time flies. It looks like it’s an alternate Thursday again, and you know what that means; it’s time for another Other Blog Spotlight. Another Other Blog Spotlight… Say that five times fast.

This weeks spotlight is focused firmly on the Brewed Bohemian, who claims that her name is Jennifer, and who further claims to have a child old enough to be in college. Based on nothing more than her header picture and a certain joie de vivre in her posts, I have serious doubts about one of those claims.

Jennifer’s blog is an eclectic mix of recipes, personal anecdotes, book reviews, and short (very short) fiction. Most of the fiction she has posted is either of the five sentence variety, or flash fiction under 400 words. This is exceptionally courageous for a relatively inexperienced storyteller; the fewer words you have to tell a story, the harder you have to make those words work. Ms. the Bohemian does a wonderful job with one of the hardest aspects of short form fiction — implying more story than you have room to tell. One great example of this is in her five sentence fiction story called Sacred.

She also has an interesting piece about mermaids. Mermaids seem to be getting more and more popular with the writerly crowd these days but Jennifer’s mermaids, much like her bread, have horns (meaning they’re a little bit evil).

If you’re in the mood for an angel-ly story, you’ll probably enjoy the way tables get turned and things are not as they appear in Covered, and Dr. who fans are sure to enjoy her entry in the Once upon a Time contest. The contest that I also entered, back in the day.

Probably my favorite piece of fiction at the Brewed Bohemian, though, is a piece called A Beautiful Place to Die. It shouldn’t be surprising that I like this piece, the combination of the dark tone in contrast with beauty appeals to me. It’s also long enough that she can find her metaphorical feet and really start to dig into the story. I really do hope that she’ll continue to write longer pieces.

So there you have the Brewed Bohemian; a lovely young writer (with the occasional cameo from her brew meister husband Michael) who is still charmingly insecure. I’m sure if enough of us stop by and leave comments she’ll quickly develop that most vital of writer’s attributes: a massive (and well deserved, of course) ego.

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  1. Eva Rieder says:

    Mermaids with horns! Ooooh I’m intrigued! Love that you’re sharing other people’s work on here, Mike. And by the way—I’ve nominated you for the Illuminating Blogger Award. :) Head on over to my site to learn more!

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